The Morel Company had a great product: an innovative, one-of-a-kind patient repositioning system that it knew would revolutionize the industry. While the company had a website, featuring customer testimonials and clinical evaluation data supporting the efficacy and superiority of the Hercules Patient Repositioner, it needed to reach a larger pool of potential customers more quickly.


Publicity (i.e. earned media) was decided upon as one vehicle to reach those untapped markets. The resultant coverage from the distribution of a news release and subsequent aggressive outreach to reporters was impressive indeed, providing the Morel Company with all important “breadcrumbs” for potential customers to follow. The publicity not only provided the Morel Co. with credible support from objective, not-paid-for news outlets, it provided prospective customers with a better understanding of the company, its revolutionary product and the advantages it offers medical practitioners, patients and hospitals alike.


JSR-PR & Marketing secured an exclusive business feature in the Cincinnati Business Courier (on-line and print edition), a video feature on WKRC-TV/Local 12’s “Business Watch” program (forward 7 minutes and: 50 seconds into program),  a full-page feature story in Cincy Magazine and was picked up, as a top news story, on the Business Courier’s national website: Upstart.

Business Growth

The Morel Co. not only saw an increase in awareness and interest in the system, but they received numerous calls from prospective customers, eager to learn more about the product. Due in part to the extensive and credible media “footprint” the company received, in early 2016, the Morel Co. inked a major business deal with a national distributor, significantly increasing the company’s reach and industry-wide recognition as The New Standard in Patient Repositioning.