JSR-PR & Marketing is a decidedly different kind of agency, specializing in a combination of PR, new media and traditional marketing services. While our skills are transferable across any number of sectors and industries, our clients come from a diverse spectrum including the following:


  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Petroleum (Refining, Marketing & Distribution)
  • Finance/Banking
  • Transportation (public, student)
  • Airline
  • Defense (i.e. Tactical Vehicles, Body Armor, Armor-up kits)
  • Retail
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Family Offices/Enterprises (i.e. ultra-high net worth)
  • Waste Management/Disposal
  • Bible-based, Christ-centered nonprofits
  • Equestrian


We like to think of ourselves as an “anti-agency.”  Why? We put our clients and their best interests first, before our own, every time.

What We Are

We are strategic and creative, full of energy and ideas and warm and friendly. Above all, we’re our clients’ advocates!

What We Aren't

Knowing what you are and why matters, but knowing what you’re not and why is just as important.