Ministries & Non-Profits

As owners of a Christ-centered business, we realize that we cannot, indeed should not, separate our business practices from our faith. That’s why we offer discounted services to ministries, organizations and non-profits who may not have an in-house team of marketers, writers, web developers, graphic artists, videographers/photographers and PR practitioners, yet who nevertheless have weekly communications demands and periodic fundraising and/or capital campaigns essential to their ministries’ sustainability and growth.

We help our clients with their branding, identity, messaging, outreach, and we utilize a number of channels and platforms to share out their ministry’s story to their audiences, including parishioners/members, nearby communities,   See below for a complete listing of our services for non-profits. A detailed overview of our service offerings can also be found on our capabilities page, which includes several examples and case studies.

One of our principals, Cheryl Coleman, spent 15 years as Director of Communications for a large church in Dallas, where she was instrumental in the church’s growth from a single-service church with 1,500 members to a world-wide ministry with X satellite locations and more than eight thousand attendees. Our other principal, Jennifer Robinson, worked at one of the world’s largest ministries, CBN News (e.g. The 700 Club), where she served as an on-air anchor and network correspondent.