Every time you meet with a customer or prospect, you leave something “behind.”  What’s that, you may ask? You leave behind an impression. It’s no different with marketing, PR and communications.

Subjective Vs. Objective

Rather than solely relying on reactions to your company’s subjective marketing brochures, hand-outs, website copy, social media pages, product images, testimonials, etc., at JSR-PR & Marketing we’ve seen the business-bolstering difference that leaving a trail of objective business breadcrumbs can make on our clients’ bottom lines.

Endorsements from third-party, objective, unbiased sources (i.e. not paid for endorsements) carry a great deal more weight and wield more influence than paid-for advertising and subjective marketing materials.

Securing meaningful publicity in targeted business, consumer and trade media outlets ostensibly produces a trail of “business breadcrumbs” that stakeholders can easily follow, learning more about your company, products and services from a trusted and credible source.

Push Vs. Pull – Empowering Your Prospects

Essentially, you’re empowering your stakeholders. Instead of solely relying on subjective, push marketing tactics, the trail of objective “business breadcrumbs” (i.e. news stories, features, op-ed pieces) you’ve left behind PULL stakeholders ever nearer to you and business. Prospects and existing customers are more captivated with reviews and third-party endorsements from vetted, objective and trusted media outlets.


While strategy, planning and strong storytelling play a significant role in developing a meaningful trail of business breadcrumbs, the results are worth it – generating interest, promoting awareness, captivating minds and hearts, and ultimately leading to sales-focused outcomes that all the advertising and marketing dollars in the world can’t buy.