Jennifer believes that knowing what you ARE NOT is just as important as knowing what you are. The following are a few examples of business practices you won’t see “lived” at JSR-PR & Marketing.

The Anti-Agency

Simply put,  we don’t operate from or fit the typical agency mold. After working with some of the world’s leading PR firms, our principal and owner, Jennifer Robinson, became quite familiar with their business models. To her dismay, she repeatedly witnessed questionable, even unethical business practices on the part of over anxious account executives, focused more on wrapping their agency’s “tentacles” throughout their client’s company and upselling them on more services than on producing meaningful, tangible results. That’s why, when Jennifer started her firm, ensuring that it not be aligned with traditional agencies was imperative. In fact, at JSR-PR & Marketing, we like to think of ourselves as the “anti-agency.”

Why? We put our customers and their best interests first, before our own; before anything. We win the work and keep winning for clients. It’s a cliché, but nonetheless true, If our clients win, we win. We measure our success by meeting and more often than naught surpassing our clients’ business objectives.

No Prima Donnas

Toward that end, at JSR-PR & Marketing, we try very hard to ensure we aren’t pretentious, haughty, demanding, impatient, arrogant or dishonest. We make a genuine effort to learn about each of our clients’ businesses, devoting the requisite time and then some to understanding, sometimes even identifying, what makes their business truly unique.

While we’re communicators at heart, we’d like to believe listening – really hearing what our client’s need and want – is or should always be at the center of all communications.

Trophy Case?

Apart from growing our clients’ business, customer base and surpassing their objectives, we care more about winning awards FOR OUR CLIENTS (and we’ve won plenty for them) than we do for ourselves. You won’t see a glass showcase filled with awards in our office or a “look at me” list of awards egoistically displayed on our website. For one, we’re too busy winning for our clients, and for another, we measure our success by how well our clients perform.  Our client’s success stories are our “trophies.”

No Bait & Switch

When you meet us, sign with us, you WILL work with US … the very same people you met in the initial meeting. With us, there’s no “bait and switch,” where an agency principal meets with you, and after you sign with the agency, that’s the last you see of that person. Instead, you’re handed off to a number of junior staffers, many of whom are recent graduates. And, granted, while we all have to start somewhere, when you pay an agency–and quite often a lot of money– to deliver results for you, you want to know that the team working on your account is the best.