At JSR-PR & Marketing, our “DNA,” so to speak, can be broken down into two simple, foundational principles: the growth and continued development of our clients’ business interests.

Beyond that, we’d like to be believe we’re distinct and separate from many of our competitors in that we are:

  • Strategic and creative yet friendly and warm;
  • Professional and honest yet personable and kind;
  • Results-driven and focused yet humble and approachable;
  • Concerned about reputation and image, but more about character and integrity;
  • Capable of generating “sizzle,” but not at the expense of substance.


Client Centered

Unlike many traditional marketing and PR agencies, we don’t operate from a “bait and switch” model. What does that mean? It means we won’t secure your business first with an impressive roster of senior-level team members and then hand your account over to “green” junior staffers. Our client-centered operating principle also means we won’t spend more time trying to upsell you on services you don’t need and less time completing the work we’ve already been given. We are very clear on who’s running the show, and we work for you!


Without context, ethical is just a word. Context is what gives it its meaning; its power. We believe being ethical means genuinely trying to do right by our client at all times. It means counseling our client on what we believe is right and best for them. While we know how to generate a “buzz,” and while we provide counsel relating to reputation management and improving a company’s public image, we believe those efforts are all for naught if a company’s character is overlooked. That’s why we’re transparent with our clients at all times, even it means our “approval rating” might suffer in the short term.


Although similar to our client-centered core value,  we believe it was important to include advocacy as a core value as it underscores its prominence as one of our primary, driving business principles. To us, advocacy means our job is to focus on our client’s needs, interests and business first – not our business, not our partners’ and vendors’ business, but your business. It’s just that simple.


There exists a significant gap between getting something done and getting it done right. While we are experts in our respective fields, we are also excellent time managers. So, when we provide you, our client, with what we believe will be the scope of work and timing associated with a given project, we’ve made a commitment to getting the job done on time, on budget and on target.


Want customer-pleasing results, no matter your budget?  We’re keenly aware that not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars to “throw” at marketing and PR, especially if they’re a growing start-up. It’s not rocket science to know that small successes in the long run can drive business, sales and profits. We get it. That’s why, no matter the scope of the client’s budget, we’ll bring the same creative and strategic energies to bear necessary to get the job done. Our solutions are scalable, customizable and always innovative. Our minds are open for business and ready to get to work for you.


We like to think of ourselves as an “anti-agency.”  Why? We put our clients and their best interests first, before our own, every time.

What We Are

We are strategic and creative, full of energy and ideas and warm and friendly. Above all, we’re our clients’ advocates!

What We Aren't

Knowing what you are and why matters, but knowing what you’re not and why is just as important.